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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

To Interrupt


discrimination, racism, inequities, & implicit bias.

Online Trainings, Webinars, & Live Online Trainings

To REsolve

high-level conflicts, misunderstandings, disputes, community, and client conflicts.

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To Restore

damaged community relationships, ineffective discipline, inequities, & poor school & workplace climate

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Restorative Practices Dad and Daughter A

To Develop

communication skills, de-escalation strategies, conflict styles, empathy, client & customer services etiquette.

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To Connect

staff using self-care, team building, retreats, inspiring keynotes, discussion and dialogue practices.

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To Calm

stress & anxiety, tense situations, societal stressors, & unpredictable circumstances.

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To teach

mini-classroom lessons, ice-breakers, de-escalation tools, communication skills, & team building activities.

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