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Got Workplace Issues?
Prevent, Respond, Restore
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Specializing in Implicit Bias, Conflict Resolution, Executive Coaching, Team Building, Custom Trainings &
torative Practices Solutions!

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Client-Tailored Community Resolution Services

We offer diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, restorative practices, relationship building and conflict resolution services. All training, coaching, consulting, and curriculum are customized to alleviate your unique interpersonal and organizational challenges! 

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Virtual? Live?

No matter your training and consulting needs,

We've got you covered!

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Our Services

Diversity, Equity, DEI, Implicit Bias

Services that INTERRUPT discrimination, harm from

good-intentioned people, inequities, and IMPLICIT BIAS.

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Conflict Resolution


Services that RESOLVE high-level conflicts, misunderstandings, disputes, community & client conflicts.

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Mindfulness & Stress Reduction


Services that CALM stress, anxiety, tension, societal stressors, and unpredictability.

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Restorative Practices

SEL & Culture

Services that RESTORE damaged relationships, ineffective discipline, and poor workplace/school climate.

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Racism Awareness

Services that STOP intentional and unintentional racism, systems of oppression, privilege and power dynamics.

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Executive Coaching & 

Leadership Training

Services that ENHANCE decision making, coaching, strategic planning, & and communication

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