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Cultural Competency Uncovered 

Why Cultural Competency 2.0

Welcome to Cultural Competency 2.0, where understanding transcends mere awareness. In this groundbreaking series, we're embarking on a journey beyond the confines of traditional cultural competency. Here, we delve deeper, challenging preconceptions and embracing cultural humility as our guiding principle. Gone are the days of surface-level knowledge, where good intentions often fall prey to unintentional bias. Instead, we champion self-awareness, inviting you to explore not just the rich tapestry of others' cultures, but also the intricacies of your own perspectives. It's about more than ticking boxes; it's about fostering genuine connections, dismantling stereotypes, and fostering inclusive environments where everyone's story is honored.

Join us in this transformative endeavor as we uncover the true essence of cultural competency – not just as a skill, but as a mindset, a journey, and a celebration of humanity's diversity.

97.2% Overall Satisfaction of Course Series

Based on over 4,500 Participant Evaluations so far! 

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Course Previews

Ready to peel back the layers of cultural competency? Dive into our tantalizing preview and uncover the essence of our transformative courses. Get a flavorful glimpse into what awaits in our 'Cultural Competency Uncovered' series and embark on a journey of discovery and growth!


Accessible Language in Action

Unlock the power of accessible language in communication with our dynamic course, "Accessible Language In Action: The Keystone to Culturally Competent Communication." In this immersive session, participants will gain practical insights and skills to navigate diverse populations effectively. Through engaging activities and discussions, you'll learn to tailor communication, foster respect, and build stronger relationships. 


Unraveling Cultural Threads

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of cultural identity with our transformative course, "Unravelling Cultural Threads: Deepening Cultural Identity, Norms, & Values." In this dynamic session, participants will explore the rich diversity of cultural norms, beliefs, and values that shape interactions and experiences. Through engaging activities and discussions, you'll gain insights to navigate cultural complexities using a refined approach to cultural competency. 


Cultural Competency Conversations

Embark on a journey of cultural curiosity and inclusion with our skill-based course, "Cultural Competency Conversations: Developing Dialogue for Cultural Curiosity, Listening, and Inclusion." You will hone your conversation skills through an equity lens, fostering deeper connections and understanding with clients. Through engaging activities and discussions, participants will take a deeper dive into cultural humility - promoting self-awareness, self-critique and recognition of privilege and power imbalances.


Cultural Competency in Action

Equip yourself with a variety of Cultural Competency tools with "Cultural Competency In Action: Applying Cultural Competency & Humility Using Engagement Practices." Through interactive activities and reflection, you'll hone your ability to apply cultural humility, understanding of cultural threads, and relationship-building protocols that put Cultural Competency into action. Join us as we empower you to foster cultural inclusion and respect in your everyday interactions, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those you support.


Competency Kits

Discover the perfect training solutions for your team. View our curated kits and options below to elevate your organization's skills and performance.

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1. Instant Impact

Ready-to-Go Solutions

Purchase one of our impactful, off-the-shelf trainings that are ready to go. Ideal for targeting specific pain points with a cost-effective approach that still delivers powerful results.

2. Total Competency Collection

Comprehensive Staff Development

Unlock the full potential of your team with the complete Cultural Competency Uncovered Series. Purchase the entire series for a thorough, all-encompassing training experience.

3. Custom Course Combination

Personalized Learning Path

Craft a unique package by blending different training sessions to address your specific organizational needs. Customize your training to fit the exact requirements of your team.

4. Bespoke Training Experience

Tailored Professional Development

Design a bespoke training package with focus groups and customized videos that reflect the unique roles and challenges in your industry. Create a fully customized learning journey for your staff.

More Details

Let's get Started

1 / Available Formats

Available live in-person training, live-onine, or self-paced training format

2 / Length

The default trainings are 2 hours long. Available in 1 hour, 90 minute, and 2.5 hour variations

3 / Packages

Purchase as a single training, combination, or an 4 part series 

Any course can be taken as a stand-alone without prerequisits. You can blend 2 or more courses into a 1/2 day or full day training experience too!

4 / Perfect Fit

100% Customizable to your needs. We'll make it a perfect fit for your organization.

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Additional Features & Add-ons

Trigger-free Design Style & Approach

Interactive Online &

In-person framework

Customize For Your Community's Cultures

Advanced Learning Tools & Approaches

Streamlined Registration & Attendance Tracking


Planning a large group training? We've simplified the process with easy attendance monitoring and registration management, to help you maximize class size and engagement.

Engaging Training Promotion 


Get your teams excited and prepared with customized flyers designed to build anticipation and highlight the value of the training. We'll ensure they know what to expect and why they should be excited to participate.

Enhanced Feedback with Focus Groups Add-on

Get your teams excited and prepared with customized flyers designed to build anticipation and highlight the value of the training. We'll ensure they know what to expect and why they should be excited to participate.

Translation & Interpretation


Need to accommodate diverse learning needs? Collaborate with us to integrate your interpreters, ensuring a smooth learning experience for all. We also customize materials into different languages to enhance accessibility and inclusivity.

Certificates of Completion


Whether recognizing your entire agency or celebrating individual achievements, these certificates serve as a testament to your commitment to fostering an inclusive and culturally aware environment. Empower your team with tangible proof of their progress and dedication.

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