Conscious Conversations

A skill-building training that teaches an effective tool and proven techniques to interrupt microaggressions in the workplace.

Course Description

What do you do when someone says or does something that looks or sounds discriminatory, however you are not sure if their intention was to cause harm or offend you? This is the core problem that The Conscious Conversations training addresses. Unconscious discrimination is difficult to identify and even more difficult to interrupt because the person who discriminations is not aware that they are doing so, which can lead to a confusing, or even worse, confrontational encounter. This training teaches people how to assess actions and behaviors and engage in conversations that help to determine if the action of behavior is conscious or unconscious discrimination and then how to interrupt it by calling someone “in” versus calling them “out”. Participants will learn and practice this skill using real situations they have experiences in their workplaces and assess the impact that using Conscious Conversations can have during future situations.


  • 2.5 hours long

  • Customized - can be broken into two 1 hour

  • 15-minute sessions.

Issues Addressed

  • Discomfort around how to talk to colleagues about their biases and discriminatory behaviors. 
    Uncertainty of what is acceptable when approaching a colleague about a microaggression they gave out
    Paralysis caused by the fear of confrontation when approaching a colleague that leads to more conflict



  1. Helpful Conversation Starters  - Reduce the fear of initiating a conversation with your colleagues about their microaggressions by learning different conversation starters that increase curiosity and decrease defensiveness 

  2. Conscious Conversation™ Tool - Learn the steps of the Conscious Conversations™ Tool so that you can assess whether someone’s actions were a result of a conscious or unconscious bias and how to respond appropriately based on their response 

  3. Practice, Practice, Practice - Practice using the Conscious Conversations tool in a safe and supportive learning environment using real-life examples with support of other participants and your expert facilitator


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

  • Between 30-50 participants Minimum per class (Larger sessions available upon request)

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