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Conscious Conversations

A skill-building training that teaches an effective and proven technique to interrupt unconscious and unintentional discrimination by learning to call people in versus calling them out in the workplace.



The Conscious Conversations Training includes:

  • Provide proven techniques to help people identify "questionable behaviors", which are verbal and nonverbal actions or statements that look or sound discriminatory, however, may have been delivered by a seemingly "good-intentioned" person

  • Reinforce learning about Microaggressions or unconscious discrimination and how even if the behavior is unintentional, it can still cause harm to others. (Intention vs. Impact argument)

  • Learn to assess questionable actions and behaviors and engage in conversations that help to determine if the action of behavior stems from a conscious or unconscious (implicit) bias 

  • Practice interrupting questionable behaviors by calling someone “in” versus calling them “out” and learning the essential skills and best practices to do so.

  • Identify when it is appropriate to call someone in, call them out, or ask for support from HR or management when faced with a potentially discriminatory situation.

Issues Addressed

  • You want to reduce the fear that staff might have when having to initiate a conversation with their colleagues about questionable behaviors that might be discriminatory

  • Your team has tried to have conversations about discrimination or have "go to the source" policies to address staff discrimination, however, that has led to defensiveness and reservations about engaging in conversations our of concern that it will only escalate the situation

  • You want to provide your team with a simple and easy tool to interrupt microaggressions that has a higher probability of producing a positive or less explosive outcome

  • Your managers or HR team are providing feedback to their employees and need a way to talk about past behaviors and give coaching alternatives that are not discriminatory. 


Implementation Details & Timeline

The following is a list of task that is included when you purchase this training:

  • Complete contract or PO

    • Our contracts team will work with you to expedite the contract and compliance process so we can start working together as soon as possible

    • We accept POs as well. We have our standard service agreement that we use or we can use your organization's if needed

  • Assign a Training Synergist to support you along your entire journey

    • You will be assigned a training synergist who will be your point person to ensure that the implementation of this training happens smoothly. They will reach out to you and make sure that all of your needs are met

    • Time - Automatically happens the moment you reach out to us

  • Conduct a 60-minute industry & needs assessment

    • Our team will conduct a 60-minute assessment to customize the training based on your organization's needs. This training includes special customizations for municipalities, technology companies, K-12 schools, universities, and medical institutions, and nonprofits

    • Time - 60 minutes

  • Bundling Coaching, Infrastructure, Assessment, or Consulting services with this Training?

    • Our team will help create a plan that outlines which services need to happen first and which milestones will be accomplished along the way

    • We will make sure to keep the planning of services simple and easy to follow

  • Finalize all logistics

    • Your training synergist will create a simple process for your staff to access the training. We use secure Zoom meetings, but can also use WebEx if needed.

    • Time - 30-40 minutes

  • Facilitate Training with customizations

    • Your training synergist will facilitate the training and take notes about any needs that may have arisen that need to be reported back to you

    • Time - 2.5 hours - 3.5 hours depending on customizations and topics

  • Schedule an evaluation and next steps meeting

    • Your training synergist will provide you with the training evaluation results and discuss recommendations and next steps with you

    • Time - 30-minute meeting after the service is delivered


General Training Logistics

Here, you will find general Training logistics that may be customized: 

  • We can host small training with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 35 people. We also offer larger training sizes of 50+ people with additional cost and logistics required.

  • Trainings are between 2.5 and 3.5 hours long on average but can be customized to 1 hour and 90-minute sessions.

    • Reducing the time means that the learning objects and outcomes may change as well. This is all worked out during the assessment process

  • We will send via email any of the follow-up documents that were included or mentioned in the trainings so participants can access them


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