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Colleague Support Conversations 

A skill-building training for creating a truly  supportive workplace environment using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques. 

Course Description

Create a supportive and empathetic work environment where staff feels valued, seen and cared for.  This skill-building training provides you and your co-workers with fun and eye-opening learning experience along with tangible ideas on how to become a better listener. Avoid common mistakes that unintentionally cause others to feel judged or invalidated when communicating, by practicing these listening skills. Utilize our emotional intelligence tips to provide your colleagues with the guidance they need during stressful or traumatic times.  This training is great for workplaces that serve high volume customers, clients with high needs, or any team who is looking to take their team success to the next level. 


  • 1.5 hours long

Issues Addressed

  • Escalated feelings caused by challenging interactions with customers or coworkers

  • Struggling to cope with personal issues while at work

  • Staff overwhelmed by stressful tasks, deadlines, projects, and client workload 



  1. Listening & Communication Skills 

    • Become a better listener and colleague with these enhanced communication techniques

  2. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

    • Learn how to help colleagues process difficult emotions and feelings using tools that deepen empathy and self-awareness skills, along with your own

  3. Providing Needs-Based Support

    • Practice guiding other participants through Colleague Support Conversations using real-life scenarios while deepening relationships and learning the importance of providing ‘needs-based support’ versus ‘advice’.


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during the meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

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