Kick-Off Retreat

A staff retreat to establish team bonds and successfully launch a new team or project with shared goals in mind. 

Course Description

If “New” is part of your daily conversations with your team, this retreat is for you. Whether you’re starting a new year, new quarter, a new project or new team, the “Kick-Off for Success Retreat” provides you with a positive and memorable retreat. In a supportive and safe environment, your team will have the opportunity to hear and learn from each other what they need to be successful, feel supported, and how to contribute collaboratively. You’ll work together to establish values and norms that reflect everyone’s needs in order to prevent frustrations and future misunderstandings. Whether you’re a group of people starting a new team together or an already established team, this retreat will help you build and solidify your bonds to move forward as a unified group. 


  • 2 - 2.5 hours long

Issues Addressed

  • Awkwardness working on a new project or team with people you don’t know

  • Misunderstandings in your team dynamics and roles 

  • Assumptions about people who are are different from each other and yourself



  1. Dispelling Assumptions 

    • Experience activities that will challenge your assumptions about your colleagues and uncover similarities you would never expect to find

  2. Exploring Shared Values

    • Set new intentions, create new agreements, or identify your values as a team. Prepare your team for success with shared mindset tools 

  3. Creating New Professional Bonds

    • Form or deepen bonds with colleagues and walk away knowing you have reliable team members you can count on for immediate support


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during the meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

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