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Diversity Uncovered

Empower yourself with the knowledge to identify and combat discrimination, and gain effective tools to challenge stereotypes, microaggressions, and implicit bias in this eye-opening training.

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5-Star Experience Your Team Will Not Forget!

A 97.5% Overall Training Satisfaction

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From REAL Employees
"This training was really helped me understand how my implicit bias can still cause harm in the workplace."

- City HR Director

Diversity Uncovered™ is the perfect choice for you if....

Diversity is completely new to you.

If your organization is new to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, this training serves as the perfect starting point. It provides foundational knowledge and practical tools to help your team begin meaningful DEI work.

You experience discomfort discussing discrimination at work.

If conversations about discrimination and bias cause anxiety or defensiveness among your staff, this training will ease those concerns. It equips participants with the language and confidence needed to engage in these important discussions constructively.

You need help addressing unconscious and unintentional discrimination.

If implicit bias is leading to unintentional discrimination in your workplace, this training will help. It focuses on identifying and mitigating unconscious biases, ensuring a more inclusive and respectful environment.

You seek to improve team relationships and build empathy.

If past issues around discrimination have created tension within your team, this training promotes healing and understanding. It emphasizes empathy-building and provides strategies for addressing and discussing past and present challenges effectively.

Training Description

The Diversity Uncovered Training is designed to transform your team's approach to diversity by deconstructing complex terms like Implicit Bias and Microaggressions. This engaging training journey fosters self-awareness and empathy, starting by addressing common fears and concerns related to discussing discrimination. Participants will learn to differentiate between conscious and unconscious discrimination, and develop practical skills to identify and interrupt these behaviors. With a focus on interactive learning, the training provides your team with essential tools and tips to address discrimination effectively in the workplace. By the end of the training, your team will have a solid understanding of key diversity terms, enhanced communication skills to discuss discrimination, and strategies to handle stereotypes and microaggressions. This dynamic and comprehensive training is crucial for building an inclusive and respectful work environment.

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