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Unraveling Equity

Develop an Equity Lens that helps staff identify starting points of others to create and implement more Equitable practices & policies.

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A 94.9% Overall Training Satisfaction

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From REAL Employees
"The activity with playdoh was so profound! I have taken a lot of DEI trainings before, but never have I had a training like this. I feel like I'm thinking about equity and my work really differently now."

City Council Member

Unraveling Equity may be perfect for you if...

You want to understand the difference between equity and equality.

If creating a supportive and fair workplace is a priority, this training equips your team with the skills to recognize and address inequities, fostering a culture of inclusivity and fairness amongst the diversity do you have.

You need practical tools to implement equitable practices.

If you're looking for actionable strategies to make your workplace more equitable, this training offers hands-on activities and real-life examples that can be immediately applied to your organization's policies and practices.

Your team needs to develop an empathy lens.

If your team has difficulty understanding and addressing the unique needs of individuals, this training will help them develop an empathy lens to review and improve policies, practices, and programs with a focus on equity.

You want to inspire meaningful change within your organization.

If you believe in the power of collective action, this training will show your team how small changes in individual roles can lead to significant improvements in organizational equity, driving meaningful and lasting change.

Training Description

Engage in eye-opening simulations that delve into the complexities of fairness, equity, and equality, recognizing how fairness is defined by circumstances and context. This training equips participants with an empathy lens to review and improve policies, practices, and programs, addressing the impact of inequity and fostering a fairer work environment. Through interactive and introspective activities, participants will gain a profound understanding of equity and learn how to infuse it into their daily roles.

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