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Conflict Communication Styles for Managers 

A training that provides managers and supervisors with the tools and strategies to manage people on their team based on their conflict communication styles.

Course Description

Awkward silence, extreme avoidance, emotional outbursts, excessive excuses and irrational assumptions are all responses that make conflict difficult and challenging to manage.  As a leader who is responsible for maintaining a high level of client satisfaction and employee productivity, the last thing you want to deal with is the drama caused by defensive responses to interpersonal team conflict. “Leading Through Conflict” takes you on a journey of self-exploration and management development as you receive new tools to better understand the people on your team. You will learn how to manage current and future teams based on new knowledge about their communication style, and yours. Reflect on your own triggers and how to adapt your approach to maximize your team’s strengths and take advantage of conflict when it occurs.  You’ll leave this training with ideas on how to coach team members to communicate their ideas to effectively work through conflict together!


  • 2.5 hours long

Issues Addressed

  • Managing multiple complaints of staff feeling frustrated or unsafe about how their colleagues act during a conflict

  • Confusion on how to respond or work with the person who is causing you difficulty

  • Uncertainty on how to balance ‘being understanding’ versus ‘holding people accountable



  1. Conflict Communication Styles Test

    • Learn about your personal conflict communication style and deepen your understanding of how your personal style shows up in your workplace 

  2. Uncovering Conflict Communication Styles

    • Learn how your conflict communication style is similar or different to those that you work with and develop new strategies to improve how you manage conflict on your team  and with team members

  3. Processing Challenges and Benefits 

    • Explore strategies for dealing with people that have been difficult to manage by taking a deep dive into the strengths and challenges of their conflict style and how these styles may be driven by their cultural background, past traumas, experiences or individual identity


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during the meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

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