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Full Body Moves

Easy to follow full-body mindful moves that help to stretch, lengthen, strengthen, and release your body

Course Description

Give your body and mind a much needed break with Full Body Restore. This CircleUp Mindful Moves training engages your entire body, targeting key areas that are experiencing stress and tension from sitting and working in front of computers for extended periods of time. This training involves standing, lying and seated movements that are perfect for people who are new to Mindful Moves or experience participants. You will learn restorative movement techniques, connect with amazing people all over the nation and develop healthy movement habits. 


  • 50 minutes

Issues Addressed

  • Built-up full-body tension and stress from prolonged technology use and repetitive movements

  • Wanting to engage with other people and work out from home at the same time

  • Challenge finding a course that welcomes beginners and advanced mindfulness and yoga practitioner



  1. Mindful Moves Intentions

    • Building intentions for your movements and practice

  2. Simple Moves for Wellness

    • Learning how to move and adjust movements to deepen stretches, improve strength, and prevent injury

  3. Welcoming Atmosphere

    • Warm-up built in to help new participants get accustomed to the movements and practice


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during the meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

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