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Starting A DEI or Anti-racism Committee Consulting




50 minutes - Recommended 2-3 sessions

Service Description

Our consulting service provides comprehensive support to help you establish and lead a DEI or anti-racism committee effectively. We offer guidance on best practices for recruiting members, structuring meetings, and creating a mission and vision. Additionally, we provide customized documents and ongoing direction to ensure your committee's efforts lead to meaningful impact. By leveraging our expertise, you can create a collaborative and supportive environment for addressing DEI issues within your organization.

How Our Clients Have Used Our Support in this Area:

  • Recruitment Guidance: Providing best practices for recruiting members for a new task force or committee.

  • Meeting Structure: Offering guidance on how to structure your first few meetings to ensure they are effective, collaborative, and supportive, especially when discussing DEI topics with colleagues who may not know each other well yet.

  • Mission and Vision Development: Assisting in the creation of a clear and impactful mission and vision for your committee.

  • Customized Documents: Providing and customizing essential documents and forms, such as committee sign-up or interest forms, recruitment flyers, and more.

  • Confidence in Direction: Offering guidance to ensure your committee stays on the right track, with time and efforts leading to meaningful action and impact.

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