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Starting A DEI or Anti-racism Committee Facilitation


$1950 - $2850


90 minutes - 2-3 sessions Recommended

Service Description

A planning and facilitation service that helps new DEI committees engage in deep and meaningful team-building, explore needs for working together, and establish norms for having difficult conversations about DEI issues impacting their organization.

Our CircleUp Synergist will work with you to customize each session to ensure that your committee or task force is set up for success with clear norms, roles, and objectives. We take the risk and guesswork out of the process by facilitating the first 4-6 committee meetings, helping to set a strong foundation for effective communication, curiosity-driven approaches to misunderstandings, and decision-making that considers the best interests of the organization and its diverse staff. This service also fosters cohesion and bonding, and helps develop the capacity of someone on your team as we progress through this learning process together.

How Our Clients Have Used Our Support in this Area:

  • Foundation Building: Facilitating the first 4-6 committee meetings to establish a strong foundation for effective teamwork and communication.

  • Norms and Roles Establishment: Helping your committee set clear norms, roles, and objectives to ensure successful collaboration.

  • Deep Team-building: Engaging in meaningful team-building exercises to explore needs and create cohesion among members.

  • Difficult Conversations Facilitation: Establishing norms for having difficult conversations about DEI issues impacting your organization.

  • Objective Measurement Tools: Creating tools to measure progress and ensure recommendations reflect the community's needs, not just individual opinions.

  • Capacity Development: Developing the capacity of a team member through the learning process, ensuring sustainability and growth within your organization.

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