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Social Distancing Is Here!

Choose E-learning and Live online tools to help navigate these changes.

We are rethinking everything to adapt to the drastic changes that the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has had on our primary clients - families, schools, workplaces, and government agencies. We are rapidly evolving our services to provide engaging e-learning solutions during the pandemic and in-personal trainings that embrace social distancing post-pandemic. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions, comments or needs during this time. 

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Covid-19 Resources

Local and national sites and resources to support families, businesses, and schools.

Free Services

Online trainings, resources, and tools that we are making free during the crisis!

Online Services

Purchase webinars, live online trainings, online coaching and workplace tools!


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As the nation shelters-in-place and recovers, it will take some time for our personal and professional lives to return to a sense of normal. 

COVID-19 (the coronavirus) has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, including our physical, emotional and mental health, and wellbeing. CircleUp Education has always been a needs-based organization, meaning that we exist to assess and meet the needs of our community that we love so much. As the need for in-person trainings disappeared overnight, our team met and decided it was time to build new online services to meet the need to shelter-in-place and remain safe during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.


We created this page to help you navigate important resources that are designed to support your family, workplace, and school communities. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team directly if you need some immediate support.

On March 12, our team met and made some important decisions about how we would respond to this crisis. Being that 95% of our services are in-person training, coaching and consulting