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Relationship Building

Cue Cards

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  • Takes Only 3 minutes to use!

  • Dispels stereotypes!

  • Creates an Inclusive team!

  • Use before meetings!

  • Cue a card before or at the end of class for students!

  • Available in Spanish!

How to use the Relationship Building Cue Cards

FREE Instruction Cards

Download, Print, & Share

Staff Meetings


Large or Small Groups

Classroom Check-in


Partner, Entire Class, & Small Group

Restorative Circles


Openings, Introductions & Ice-breakers


Are you ready to purchase these for your staff?

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We accept Purchase Orders Too!

PO Steps

  1. Click "Offline Payments" during checkout to place a purchase order.

  2. We will create an invoice for you and send your our W9 tax form

  3. As soon as the purchase order is created, send us an email with a copy of it and then we will ship out your order!

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