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Cultural Competency In Action

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Course Description

Equip yourself with a variety of Cultural Competency tools with "Cultural Competency In Action: Applying Cultural Competency & Humility Using Engagement Practices." Through interactive activities and reflection, you'll hone your ability to apply cultural humility, understanding of cultural threads, and relationship-building protocols that put Cultural Competency into action. Join us as we empower you to foster cultural inclusion and respect in your everyday interactions, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those you support.

1. Overcoming Barriers to Starting Conversations about Culture

Training Sections

You will become aware of the challenges, barriers, and fears surrounding approaching or starting conversations about culture. You will reflect on these fears and understand the importance of engaging in such conversations. By doing so, you will discover insights, clarify misunderstandings, and find commonalities, ultimately building bridges of understanding and awareness.

2. Creating Context for Cultural Awareness

You will explore how to tactfully and respectfully engage in conversations about culture, based on assessing when and where it is appropriate to do so. You will develop strategies and an understanding of how to initiate conversations about culture in ways that are grounded in your work and specific encounters with others.

3. Practical Tools to Deepen Cultural Understanding

You will receive and practice using user-friendly tools that can help initiate conversations about culture. These tools will provide opportunities to build relationships with those you serve or work with, uncover hidden differences, and develop understanding and common threads in an engaging and straightforward manner.

4. Developing Client Cultural Engagement Practice

You will be introduced to a structured engagement practice designed to create a respectful, open, and trusting space to learn more about cultural norms and discuss language and communication preferences. In this interactive activity, you will learn how to customize meeting structures based on cultural archetypes and the competency skills developed, enhancing your understanding and supporting relationship-building in real-world situations.

Competencies Acquired

Understand the challenges and importance of cultural conversations to build bridges of understanding, fostering more meaningful connections.

Learn to tactfully engage in cultural conversations by assessing appropriate contexts and relevance, enhancing effective and respectful interactions.

Master tools to initiate cultural conversations, build relationships, and uncover hidden differences, fostering deeper cultural understanding.

Apply structured practices to create respectful environments and customize meetings, fostering better understanding and relationship-building.

Training Length

2-hours long with an engaging and dynamic instructor

This course  be condensed, combined with other trainings

100% customized to your needs




Self-paced - coming soon!


There are no pre-requisites for this training

Take this training as an independent course, or combine it with others in this series to make it a long -asting learning experience 



Let us know how many people you'd like to train, your location, preferred format, and available time. Pricing varies, and if you're unsure, we can recommend the best options based on our extensive experience.

Cultural Competency In Action is Right For You if...

You Want to Remove Cultural Awareness Barriers

You want to become aware of the challenges, barriers, and fears surrounding approaching or starting conversations about culture. By reflecting on these fears, you can understand the importance of engaging in such conversations. This awareness will help you discover insights, clarify misunderstandings, and find commonalities with others.

You Want to Engage Your Client's Culture Respectfully

You want to explore how to tactfully and respectfully engage in conversations about culture by assessing appropriate contexts. Learning when and where it is suitable to discuss cultural topics is crucial. This skill will enable you to initiate conversations grounded in your work and specific encounters with others.

You want to Integrate Cultural Competency Org-wide

You want to ensure cultural competency is consistently part of how you or your team engages with colleagues or clients using proven techniques. By integrating cultural competency into daily interactions, you foster a more inclusive and respectful environment. This practice helps in building stronger, more empathetic relationships.

You want to obtain East-to-use Engagement Practices

You are unsure how to begin conversations about culture without coming off as awkward or offensive and want to learn respectful approaches. Understanding respectful methods to initiate these discussions can ease your concerns. This will help you engage in meaningful cultural dialogues confidently and effectively.

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Engage in Respectful Dialogue for Cultural Understanding Today!

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