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Unraveling Cultural Threads

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Course Description

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of cultural identity with our transformative course, "Unraveling Cultural Threads: Deepening Cultural Identity, Norms, & Values." In this dynamic session, participants will explore the rich diversity of cultural norms, beliefs, and values that shape interactions and experiences. Through engaging activities and discussions, you'll gain insights to navigate cultural complexities using a refined approach to cultural competency.

1. Defining Culture and Cultural Threads

Training Sections

Learn what culture is and explore "cultural threads," including language, food, norms, values, beliefs, external expressions, and physical places. Reflect on your own cultural threads and how these compare to the people you work with and serve. This insightful and eye-opening discussion fosters deeper understanding and meaningful conversations among colleagues.

2. Traditional Cultural Competency

Define cultural competency and understand its popularity. Through our custom built game called, Cards About Humanity™, you'll experience traditional cultural competency while learning about various cultures, especially those represented in your communities and workplace. This engaging activity provides both a taste of traditional cultural competency and a deeper appreciation for the diversity around you.

3. Critical Challenges of Cultural Competency

Reflect on whether cultural competency is truly sufficient. Identify challenges that can arise if cultural competency is not practiced with care. The discussion will also cover the impact of these challenges on the people you work with and serve, emphasizing the importance of mindful and nuanced application of cultural competency principles.

4. Cultural Competency 2.0 Adjustments

Explore tips on practicing Cultural Competency 2.0 to prevent harm to those they work with and serve. Learn advanced strategies to refine their approach, ensuring that cultural competency is applied thoughtfully and effectively, fostering more positive and respectful interactions.

Competencies Acquired

Gain greater awareness of how cultural identity influences individual perspectives, experiences, and needs.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of cultural norms and their impact on personal biases and professional interactions, fostering a more inclusive and effective working environment.

Enhance your ability to appreciate and respect cultural differences, thereby building trust, rapport, and effective communication with diverse communities.

Acquire skills to navigate cultural complexities with sensitivity, avoiding unintentional stereotyping while promoting individualism alongside cultural understanding.

Training Length

2-hours long with an engaging and dynamic instructor

This course  be condensed, combined with other trainings

100% customized to your needs




Self-paced - coming soon!


There are no pre-requisites for this training

Take this training as an independent course, or combine it with others in this series to make it a long -asting learning experience 



Let us know how many people you'd like to train, your location, preferred format, and available time. Pricing varies, and if you're unsure, we can recommend the best options based on our extensive experience.

Unraveling Cultural Threads is Right For You if...

You Want to Prevent Cultural Misunderstandings

You want to deepen your understanding of cultural diversity: You want to learn how to navigate the complexities of cultural diversity with confidence, gaining insights to effectively engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

You Want to Navigate Cultural Diversity Confidently

You're struggling to confidently navigate the complexities of cultural diversity and find it challenging to engage effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

You Want to Learn Inclusive Relationship-Building

You're having difficulty understanding and appreciating the people you work with, especially those from different cultural backgrounds, leading to superficial and sometimes disrespectful interactions.

You Want to Communicate Respectfully and Inclusively

You're finding it hard to communicate respectfully and inclusively with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, which is affecting trust and rapport in your professional relationships.

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Unveil Your Cultural Tapestry Today!

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