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Bringing Implicit Bias And Microaggression Education To City Of Oakland Employees

Response to Request For Proposal - Diversity Training For City Of Oakland Employees

The Need

RFP: Diversity Training For City of Oakland Employees

The City of Oakland sent out a RFP (Request For Proposal) to design and facilitate a mandatory employee training to develop self-awareness of implicit bias and microaggressions that impact employee relationships and interactions with citizens. The goal was to create a training that was engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. In addition, the City of Oakland wanted to provide an opportunity for employees to deepen relationships across departments and divisions. The City of Oakland initiated a competitive RFP process, which CircleUp Education won. Co-founders Tiffany Hoang and Tyrone Botelho worked closely with the City-wide Training Coordinator, Andrea Mariano, to customize the Diversity Uncovered™ Training to meet the RFP parameters.

The Results

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Maintain A Flexible Training Design 

The Diversity Uncovered™ training is designed to be flexible and adaptable, meaning that our trainers can modify the experience as the conversations or topics in the training evolve.  There were several examples where the training topics shifted from microaggressions to institutionalized oppression and internalized discrimination.  There were also moments where events that took place in the city had an impact on the topics we discussed.  CircleUp Education's trainers were able to rapidly adjust the training to create space for deeper conversations and a more tailored training experience. 

Diversity Uncovered Strategies

Check out some of the strategies built into the Diversity Uncovered™ Training

Incorporate Relationship Building Into The Training 

Implicit Bias and Microaggressions are topics that are often challenging to discuss in the workplace, especially because participants often feel unsafe or unjustly targeted in such trainings. Diversity Uncovered™'s training includes Relationship Building activities that allow participants to build trust and discover commonalities, making it easier to open up and share personal experiences of discrimination. The training incorporates opportunities for people to share their lived experiences as a means to connect training topics with relevant workplace situations.

Use Experiential Learning That Deeply Impacts Employees 

Diversity and equity education includes theories, definitions and concepts that can be difficult to grasp. Many workplaces have employees who start using terms like "microaggressions" and "implicit bias" without fully understanding how they show up in their own lives or how they impact relationships with clients and colleagues.  We incorporate unique and memorable training activities in the Diversity Uncovered™ Training that encapsulate the essence of key topics in order to leave a powerful imprint of the experience on the hearts and minds of participants that can be recalled months later.

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