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Diversity Uncovered™

Training Description

Diversity Uncovered™ is an interactive introduction to implicit bias, microaggressions, and diversity education. This training develops a common language so that participants can understand key terms and concepts related to workplace discrimination and prejudice.  Participants have the opportunity to explore the origins of implicit bias and how they give life to unconscious forms of discrimination, also known as microaggressions.

Topics Covered

Social Identities



Implicit Bias


Conscious Conversations™

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Training Description

The Conscious Conversations™ training teaches simple, yet profound conversation and listening skills that interrupt microaggressions and prejudice by calling people "in" versus calling them "out" when a questionable behavior, that may be discriminatory, occurs in the workplace. Participants build on the awareness developed in the Diversity Uncovered™ training by learning how to engage in a structured dialogue that promotes empathy and awareness-building around discrimination.

Topics Covered

Conscious Conversations™ Skill



Empathy Building

Art of "Calling-in"


Unraveling Equity™

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Training Description

Equity is commonly misunderstood for equality, which often leads to discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace.  This introduction to Equity guides participants on a journey that explores the various "starting points" that people have as they enter the workplace. Participants will reflect on the negative impact that equality-based practices have on workplace culture and how an employee's invisible diversity is often not seen or taken into consideration.  This training also teaches participants how to develop an "equity lens" that challenges bias and prejudice based on external diversity characteristics. 

Topics Covered

Equity vs. Equality

Implicit Bias

Equity Lens Development

Internal vs. External Diversity


P³ & Me

Training Description

P³ & Me™ explores the intersection of Privilege, Power, and People and how they impact relationships, opportunities, and perceptions of ourselves and others. Participants look deeply at their own privilege associated with race, gender and socio-economic status and learn to deepen their understanding of the complexity of privilege and power dynamics. This training explores unconscious learning and how repetitively pairing social identities with perceptions, such as good or bad, create internalized and institutionalized bias that benefit some and disenfranchise others. Participants will learn how to use privilege to promote equity or fairness in their workplace. 

Topics Covered

Privilege & Power


Privilege Hierarchies

Privilege Starting Points

Power and Equity


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