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"What are some examples of testimonials from people who have taken the Diversity Uncovered™ Training?"

"I want to learn more..."

"I never realized that I had unconscious bias that were harming the people I see every day and deeply care about.  It's like I have opened my eyes for the first time.  I walked around telling people that I don't experience discrimination and that I have never been a discriminatory person. I walked out of that training realizing that this was not the case. Discrimination was all around me and I just could not see it. There is no turning back now, I want to learn more."


- City of Oakland Employee

"I didn't realize I had those bias..."

"The way that Tyrone and Tiffany from CircleUp Education presented the information was very accessible to the audience. It was the tone that was set when they came in; they set the tone of respect, that we are here as learners, and that it is ok to say how you really feel or change your mind and think differently. It was ok for people to say 'wow i  didn't realize I had those bias and I really need to think about that more deeply.' They really made it a safe for us to do this  important work together."


- Assistant Superintendent, Jefferson Elementary School District

"I almost called-in sick..."

"Honestly, I was frightened to sit in a room and talk about bias and microaggressions with my staff. I almost called in sick to this training.  My nervousness went away during the first activity when I realized that they were not here to yell at us and make us feel guilty.  They wanted us to learn together and see each other in a new way.  I left feeling like I actually learned something, which is not typically the case during these staff trainings. I felt like there was an openness from everyone to support each other and walk together on this path of growth."


- City of Hayward Employee

Overall Satisfaction with the Diversity Uncovered™ Training

"What other organizations have taken the Diversity Uncovered™ Training and what was their experience?"

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Jefferson Elementary 

School District

"What topics are covered in the Diversity Uncovered™ Training?"

Social Identities

Internal & external characteristics that are self identified or externally imposed by people and society.


A form of discrimination from people with both good intentions and deep rooted implicit prejudice.


Widely held, yet inaccurate beliefs that everyone from a social identity shares the same characteristics or behaviors.

Implicit Bias

Prejudice that is learned unconsciously when a social identity is repetitively associated with a positive or negative perception or feeling.


Intentional strategies that deepen relationships and uncover commonalities with people who have different social identities or starting points in life.

"What training methodology do you use in the Diversity Uncovered™ training?"
"I see you are based in Oakland, California. Do you travel to other parts of California and other states?"

Yes, We Travel To You!

We travel all over the USA delivering trainings and workshops. When you contact us, let us know where you are located and we will incorporate travel costs into your proposal. We bring everything needed to make sure that you have the best possible training experience no matter where you are. 

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