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Calling people out when they say or do questionable things is sometimes necessary but can often result in damaged relationships, violence, and an absence of personal growth. The Conscious Conversations Card is a conversation tool that uses a framework to respond to "questionable" behaviors that show up in your workplace or personal life. This tool works well with questionably discriminatory actions and statements from others. It also is a great tool to help people gain more awareness of their implicit biases that may negatively impact their interactions with people in their life.


The goal of a Conscious Conversation is to first, identify the meaning behind what is being said and, second, decide how you want to respond in a way that might be less likely to escalate the situation.   


The tool includes:

  • Physical cards for you and your team to use that walk you through the steps, including tips and best practices. The card is TWO-SIDED and printed in high-quality CARDSTOCK
  • An information sheet with facts and tips -  Provided After the Purchase
  • COMING SOON - an instructional video to help guide you through the process.


This card works best when accompanied by the Conscious Conversations Training

Conscious Conversations Cards - Calling "In" Tool

  • Returns for this product are not available. If damaged, please contact us.

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