Make teaching and learning fun and easy with the Restorative Practices Design Kit! We’re providing you with everything you need to teach students and staff how to design Restorative Relationship Building Practices.  The Design Kit includes the Relationship Building Design Guide binder, three colorful circle planning sheets, multi-colored design cut outs, and three large circle planning posters to make this learning experience even more fun and interactive. Take the Design Kit wherever you need to go with the utmost convenience. Packed in an easy-to-store, and easy-to-carry case, you’ll never have to deal with loose paper and missing materials again.  With the Design Kit you can stay organized and prepared as you share the joy of designing and facilitating Relationship Building Circle Practices with others.


Kit Includes:

  • 1 Relationship Building Design Guide Binder

  • 10 sets of Circle Planning Sheets

  • 10 sets of Circle Planning Posters

  • 10 sets of Circle Design Cut Outs


Ask us about discounts on Design Guide and Design Kits bulk orders!

Restorative Practices Design Kit

SKU: RPT-CU-009-00

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