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New and Improved Relationship Building Cue Cards™

Unveiling the latest edition of our beloved Relationship Building Cue Cards™, now more dynamic and user-friendly than ever! Designed for educators, team leaders, and all champions of meaningful connections, these cue cards are your go-to resource for fostering inclusivity and understanding in any group setting.


Exceptional Value at the Same Affordable Price: Continuing to offer exceptional value, we've kept the price at the original $9.99 while significantly enhancing the contents of the deck. Enjoy all the new features and added cards at no additional cost!


Product Features:

  • Expanded Deck: Enjoy a richer variety of prompts with 70 thoughtfully crafted cards, up from the original 52, offering more opportunities to spark engaging discussions and discover new perspectives.
  • Sturdy Storage: Packaged in a robust, easy-to-open box, your cue cards stay protected and organized—ready for any session, anywhere.
  • Enhanced Readability: With a larger font and clearer formatting, each card is easier to read at a glance, ensuring smooth facilitation of discussions.
  • User-Inspired Content: Every question has been refined based on extensive feedback from thousands of users, making them more relevant and impactful for today’s diverse environments.
  • Versatile Guidance: Included with your set is a comprehensive instruction sheet that explains how to effectively integrate these cards into various settings such as restorative circles, classroom activities, workplace meetings, or casual gatherings.


Why Choose Our Cue Cards?

These cards are not just tools; they are bridges to deeper understanding. They help identify similarities and differences, deepen relationships, and enhance team dynamics. Whether breaking the ice, wrapping up a meeting, or integrating new members into the group, these cards facilitate open, supportive, and constructive conversations.


Use Cases:

  • Meetings and Workshops: Open or close your sessions with a check-in or check-out that sets a collaborative tone.
  • Classroom Settings: Engage students in a way that promotes an inclusive and supportive learning environment.
  • Social Gatherings: Lighten the atmosphere and encourage guests to connect on a deeper level.
  • Personal Development: Use them with friends or significant others to explore new facets of your relationships.


Elevate your ability to nurture meaningful connections in any setting with the latest edition of our Relationship Building Cue Cards™. Ideal for anyone committed to creating a more inclusive, dynamic, and empathetic environment—all for the unbeatable price of $9.99.

NEW UPDATED Relationship Building Cue Cards™

Expected To Ship In Mid July! We accept purchase orders too!
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