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Resolving conflict has never been easier.  The Restorative Practices Design Guide: Restorative Justice Practices walks you through step-by-step instructions for addressing low to medium intensity conflicts of all types. Whether you are supporting students, colleagues, friends or family, the Restorative Practices Design Guide for Restorative Justice Practices will give you the tools you need to succeed as a Restorative Justice Practitioner. The Restorative Justice Design Guide provides over 70 pages of interactive content with proven tips, critical assessment questions, and detailed descriptions to guide you through the process of designing and facilitating effective Restorative Conversations, Incident Assessments and Solution Circles. No matter where you are in your journey as a Restorative Practitioner, the Restorative Justice Design Guide is the resource you will be coming back to again and again.



  • ¼ binder format to help you keep all your notes organized and in one place

  • Comprehensive instructions so you never feel alone or lost

  • Printed in full color on 100% recycled paper to keep you engaged

  • The flexible and adaptable framework makes customizing any Restorative Justice practice easy and stress free.

  • Simple and clear instructions allows you to get the information you need without the confusion

  • Suitable for practitioners of all experience levels and skill-sets

  • Includes Restorative Conversation tools cards with questions and proven communication tips, an Incident Assessment Design Sheet to prepare participants for in-depth Restorative Justice Practices, a Solution Circle Planning Sheet to customize every aspect of the Restorative Justice Conference to meet the unique needs of your conflict or case.

Restorative Justice Practices Design Guide

SKU: 0008
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