Take a deep breath and take in The Singing Bowl’s deep and soothing sound as it captivates your attention with its slowly dissipating vibrations. This grounding tool is a wonderful way to calm your consciousness and ground. This tool is a great way to mindfully get the attention of students or colleagues when engaging in group activities. It is also a powerful refocusing and calming tool used to transition groups in or out of an activity or lesson.


  • Includes a mindfulness tool card that guides you through activities with students or coworkers

  • The Singing Bowl is 6 inches in diameter,  3 inches tall and weighs about 1.5lbs

  • Beautiful rustic look from being hand-made with care in Nepal

  • Wooden mallet and a soft pillow included

  • Send as a gift! Comes pre-packaged in beautiful tissue paper and a 100% recyclable box

The Singing Bowl

SKU: RPT-RS-001-00
$54.99 Regular Price
$41.99Sale Price

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