Restorative Conversations

A skill-based training to assess conflicts, process incidents, and provide need-based recommendations.

Course Description

Knowing what to say, how to say it and navigate a conversation when someone is upset, needs support, or is really struggling are skills that most of us do not have or have fumbled through in the past. The Restorative Conversations training provides you with both listening and communication techniques to move fluidly through these tough conversations.


  • 2.5 hours long

  • Customized - can be broken into two 1 hour

  • 15-minute sessions.

Issues Addressed

  • Not knowing what to do or how to respond when someone is going through a hard time 

  • Fear of giving out the wrong advice 

  • Frustration with colleagues who try to fix your problems without fully understanding your situation 



  1. Communication Do’s and Don’ts

    • Learn how to become a better listener through awareness building, common communication mistakes that disrupt conversations and cause people to become frustrated, distracted and feel misunderstood

  2. Social-Emotional Listening Techniques

    • Learn new listening techniques that promote social-emotional awareness, help people feel heard and validated, and allow people to process their underlying emotions and feelings related to an incident/conflict 

  3. Restorative Conversation Steps 

    • Gain confidence in guiding Restorative Conversations by practicing with other participants while experiencing the impact of guiding a person towards their own solutions versus giving them advice that they may not take


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

  • Between 30-50 participants Minimum per class (Larger sessions available upon request)

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