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Guiding Team Building Circles Online

A skill-building training on how to design and facilitate fun and engaging team building circles online. 

Course Description

How are people supposed to work or learn together if they do not know each other, or even worse, do not trust one another? Building a well-connected team with people who feel a sense of community and who can see themselves in others, creates more efficient and happier learning and working environments. Team Building Circles are ideal for enhancing and building stronger team bonds and relationships. This training will teach you how to identify the specific teams or interpersonal areas that need development and how to do so using online team building circle structures and activities. This training will provide you examples of team building circles and resources to design a wide variety of them to meet your classroom or workplace needs.


  • 2.5 hours long

  • Customized - can be broken into two 1 hour

  • 15-minute sessions.

Issues Addressed

  • Challenges with working on a virtual team with people who do not really know each other 

  • Stress from feeling isolated and disconnected from students or other colleagues

  • How to overcome the physical and technological barriers that do not allow people to engage in-person to person activities that build trust and uncover team dynamics



  1. Experience an online Team Building 

    • Learn how an engaging Team Building Circle is facilitated by experiencing one that is specifically designed and facilitated by one of our Restorative Practitioners using  CircleUp Education’s online circle framework 

  2. Online Team Building Circle Framework 

    • Learn this easy to follow framework for facilitating Online Team Building Circles with specific components that maximize time, participation, and Zoom solutions. 

  3. Design Your Own Online Circle 

    • Walkthrough the circle design steps to design your own Online Team building Circle using our new Relationship Building Design Guide for Online Circles that you will be able to keep and use for all your future circles


  • Secure Zoom Meeting Format

  • Audio and Video required during the meeting.

  • Paper and Pen Needed

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