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Workplace Inclusion & Conflict Coaches

Program Bundle

Developing your staff in relationship building, inclusion, conflict management, and conflict resolution practices, strategies, and approaches and building infrastructure to effectively utilize them within your organization.

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The Workplace Inclusion & Conflict Coaches Bundled Program:

  • The Workplace Inclusion Coach Bundle Program Includes:

    • Training, practice sessions, and expert coaching support to develop a cohort of staff to facilitate meetings, restorative circles, and inclusion practices online to enhance and deepen relationships between your diverse staff

    • Learn the framework used to facilitate relationship-building practices

    • Develop skills to customize and adapt CircleUp Education's relationship-building framework to fit your industry, departments, and the unique staff that works for your organization.

    • Receive tools with activities and exercises to enhance inclusion, welcome new employees to your organization, and learn more about existing staff to help dispel assumptions and stereotypes about race, culture, and other identities.

  • The Workplace Conflict Coach Bundle Program Includes:

    • Training, practice sessions, industry-specific scenario exploration, problem-solving, and expert coaching to develop a cohort of staff to facilitate conflict resolution and conflict processing practices to address low to medium complexity issues in your organization.

    • Learn about the conflict resolution framework that includes recommended steps to prevent, assess, respond, and analyze incidents.

    • Develop advanced incident assessment tools and processes to help your team accurately identify the best resolution practices and techniques to use to address the incident

    • Practice communication and listening skills that are critical to the success of conflict resolution practices

    •  Develop skills to address complex conflicts with multiple people.

  • The Workplaces Coaches Infrastructure Development Consulting Includes:

    • An assessment of your organization's conflict resolution and inclusion practices to ​identify ways to weave both relationship building and inclusion and conflict resolution practices into your existing infrastructure.

    • Coaching and consulting to develop new processes with work together with HR to address different workplace issues

    • Support with communicating and launching the Workplace Inclusion & Conflict Coaches to the entire organization and how to ensure that people know how to request services and make the best use of the coaches.

    • Support with how to articulate the messaging of why the coaches exist and how they can benefit workplace culture and climate

Issues Addressed

  • You want to train a group of staff or an individual in your organization with tools and skills to both prevent and address conflicts

  • You have an HR department or official, however, staff may not feel comfortable requesting support from them to address conflicts

  • You have an HR department or official who may need more specialized training in addressing and preventing conflict in your workplace

  • You want to include more inclusion strategies and practices into staff meetings or retreats

  • Your team is growing fast and diversifying and you want to make sure that people feel welcomed and supported through introducing relationship building and inclusion strategies

  • Your HR team or leadership needs tools to address complex conflicts that involve multiple people

  • You need help making messaging and marketing new inclusion and conflict resolution practices and systems to your staff and are not sure where to get started


CircleUp's Conflict Resolution Framework

Conflict Resolution Framework.png

Implementation Details & Timeline

The following is a list of task that is included when you purchase this training:

  • Complete contract or PO

    • Our contracts team will work with you to expedite the contract and compliance process so we can start working together as soon as possible

    • We accept POs as well. We have our standard service agreement that we use or we can use your organization's if needed

  • Assign a Training Synergist to support you along your entire journey

    • You will be assigned a training synergist who will be your point person to ensure that the implementation of this training happens smoothly. They will reach out to you and make sure that all of your needs are met

    • Time - Automatically happens the moment you reach out to us

  • Conduct a 60-minute industry & needs assessment

    • Our team will conduct a 60-minute assessment to customize the training based on your organization's needs. This training includes special customizations for municipalities, technology companies, K-12 schools, universities, and medical institutions, and nonprofits

    • Time - 60 minutes

  • Bundling Coaching, Infrastructure, Assessment, or Consulting services with this Training?

    • Our team will help create a plan that outlines which services need to happen first and which milestones will be accomplished along the way

    • We will make sure to keep the planning of services simple and easy to follow

  • Finalize all logistics

    • Your training synergist will create a simple process for your staff to access the training. We use secure Zoom meetings, but can also use WebEx if needed.

    • Time - 30-40 minutes

  • Facilitate Training with customizations

    • Your training synergist will facilitate the training and take notes about any needs that may have arisen that need to be reported back to you

    • Time - 2.5 hours - 3.5 hours depending on customizations and topics

  • Schedule an evaluation and next steps meeting

    • Your training synergist will provide you with the training evaluation results and discuss recommendations and next steps with you

    • Time - 30-minute meeting after the service is delivered


Bundled Services

Here, you will find Bundled logistics: 

  • We can host small training with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 35 people. We also offer larger training sizes of 50+ people with additional cost and logistics required.

  • Trainings are between 2.5 and 3.5 hours long on average but can be customized to 1 hour and 90-minute sessions.

    • Reducing the time means that the learning objects and outcomes may change as well. This is all worked out during the assessment process

  • We will send via email any of the follow-up documents that were included or mentioned in the trainings so participants can access them

  • This special Bundle includes the following services that may be customized for your team. Some of these trainings may be merged together into one larger training if time permits. Please review your service contract for special additions or subtractions to the list below.


Workplace Inclusion Coach Training Sessions Included In This Bundle

  • Introduction To Relationship Building & Inclusion Strategies

    • Participants will discover how Relationship Building & Inclusion Practices and Approaches are used to prevent and respond to conflict and discrimination as well as repair the damage that unresolved conflict may have on staff relationships. Participants will experience and learn to facilitate preventative Restorative Practices in order to uncover staff norms and values, build trust, and increase cohesion.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long

  • Designing & Facilitating Value Exploration & Team Agreement Meetings

    • Participants will learn the meeting framework and tools that CircleUp uses to facilitate practices that allow staff to learn more about the needs that they have in order to work together or accomplish a specific task. These practices create opportunities for your team to learn more about values, norms, expectations, and beliefs that may differ from person to person. This allows people to learn more about staff identities and prevents future misunderstandings and conflicts.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long

  • Designing & Facilitating Discussion Meetings

    • Participants will learn the meeting framework and tools that CircleUp uses to facilitate practices that allow staff to feel safer and more prepared to engage in conversations about important topics that are impacting your workplace, and challenging or emotional topics, such as discrimination, racism, loss, or transition/transfers. Participants will learn how to address issues that may show up and how to prepare the meetings taking into consideration triggers that could escalate the conversation.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long

  • Specialized DEI Training - Diversity Uncovered For Workplace Coaches

    • Participants will experience a highly customized version of the Diversity Uncovered training that will teach coaches the difference between explicit and intentional discrimination versus implicit and unintentional discrimination. This is critical in their role because implicit bias may impact their ability to remain neutral and unbiased during the facilitation of inclusion and conflict resolution practices.

    • Time - 3.5-4 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long


Workplace Conflict Coach Training Sessions Included In This Bundle

  • The Incident Assessment Practice 

    • Participants will learn how to design and facilitate the Incident Assessment Practice. This is the tool that is used to help staff process what happened when there is a conflict, identify what they need in order to move forward or address the incident, and clarify the different issues that may be compounded within the single incident to produce more clarity around how to proceed. Participants will learn the steps of this process and practice using the tool using industry relevant examples. They will also develop the Restorative Conversations skill, which is the primary tool that is used in this practice.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long

  • The Mindful Meeting Practice To Address Low-Medium Intensity Conflicts

    • Participants will learn how to design and facilitate the Mindful Meeting Practice to address low to medium conflicts between 2-3 people. This training teaches the steps of the practice, what the roles of the participants are, and how to prepare solution strategies for the solution round of the meeting, and how to problem-solve issues that might show up. Participants also learn the connection between social-emotional skill development and the parts of the Mindful Meeting practice. This training will also teach participants how to create values and agreements to ensure that participants respect one another during the meeting.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long

  • The Solution Circle Practice To Address High Intensity & Complex Conflicts

    • Participants will learn how to design and facilitate the Solution Circle Practices, which is used when it is unclear who harmed who or who is at fault, when the incident involves multiple people, or when the incident is complex or controversial. Participants will learn how to perform complex customizations based on the incident in order to reduce the chances of escalating tensions during the practices and increase the likelihood of solutions being reached. This training includes support on how to follow up with participants after the conflict resolution meeting and how to ensure that as the facilitator of the practice, you are doing your best to not cause additional harm to the participants. Participants will learn how to use circle design tools to support them during the design and facilitation process and how to enhance the incident assessment practice to perform group assessments and complex assessments/coaching if needed.

    • Time - 4-6 hours long or two sessions at 2 hours long



Consulting & Coaching Practices Included In This Bundle

  • Developing Relationship Building & Inclusion Workplace Infrastructure

    • This coaching includes support with assessing current workplace practices, approaches and strategies for relationship building and inclusion infrastructure creation and maintenance

    • Time - 1 hour per session - may be combined with other coaching sessions for longer sessions.

  • Workplace Coaches Consulting & Coaching

    • This coaching practice includes problem-solving, customization support, and modeling of best practices

    • Time - 1 hour per session - may be combined with other coaching sessions for longer sessions.

Workplace Inclusion & Conflict Coach Tools Included In This Bundle

  • The Relationship Building Cue Cards

    • The Relationship Building Cue Cards™ are one of our Restorative Practices solutions for building more inclusive, equitable, and empathetic workplace communities. These cards contain 52 questions and sentence starters that are used in staff meetings or gatherings that help with:

    • 1 deck per coach 

  • The Restorative Practices Design Guide

    • Learn the art of designing Relationship Building & Inclusion Practices using the intuitive and color-coded Relationship Building Design Guide! The Design Guide provides you with user-friendly instructions to easily design Relationship Building practices that are customized for your workplace or community groups. The Restorative Practices Design Guide: Relationship Building Practices, will easily become your "go-to" resource for creating memorable experiences for any group or occasion. This product is required for staff who participate in Relationship Building Circle Design trainings.

    • 1 design guide per coach

  • The Conflict Resolution Design Guide

    • Learn how to design effective and customized Incident Assessment, Mindful Meeting, and Solution Circles using this intuitive and colore-coded manual. This design guide includes activities, structures, and instructions on how to design meetings and circle practices for employees. The layout is user-friendly and designed as a companion to CircleUp's Conflict Resolution trainings, Workplace Cohort trainings, and Restorative Practitioner trainings

    • 1 design guide per coach

Bundled Services

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