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Are You A Good Fit?

As we seek passionate individuals to join our CircleUp Education family, it is important to us, as co-founders, to present an honest picture of our work environment. While our mission is rewarding and impactful, it does come with challenges that require resilience, empathy, and a wholehearted commitment to our cause...

CircleUp: Seeking Changemakers Ready for a Rewarding Challenge

The work we do at CircleUp, whether in administrative roles or as trainers, isn’t just a job – it’s a commitment to creating a societal change. We navigate complex issues of racism, discrimination, and systemic harm. This is not easy work; it can be emotionally taxing and requires great strength and emotional agility. You might have to interact with people who harbor deep-seated hatred or prejudice, and it will be your role to foster dialogue, healing, and transformation. If you are not prepared for the emotional weight these interactions can carry, CircleUp might not be the right place for you.


Our work environment is dynamic and filled with a level of unpredictability. Routine and monotony are not to be expected here. Each client, each training session brings unique struggles and conflicts. The stress of dealing with these varying issues can sometimes feel overwhelming, requiring you to be highly flexible, adaptable, and strong in the face of adversity.


At CircleUp, we strive for excellence in everything we do, and this comes with a high level of personal and professional accountability. Mistakes will happen; what matters is how you handle them. Owning up to your mistakes, learning from them, and implementing feedback for continuous improvement is crucial. If you have difficulties with accepting and implementing feedback, or with owning your mistakes, CircleUp may not be the right fit.


While the challenges at CircleUp can be tough, the rewards are tremendous. We are not just colleagues; we are a community of learners, dedicated to personal and professional growth. If you thrive on bringing order to chaos, if you see challenges as opportunities for learning, and if you can hold your ground in the face of adversity, then CircleUp could be your ideal workplace.


We are in the business of caring – for our clients, our community, and for each other. We strive to create a culture that cherishes transparency, growth, and excellence. If you have a growth mindset, a humble approach to learning, and a tenacious spirit that sees potential in every challenge, then you’ll find CircleUp invigorating.


So, if you are prepared to invest yourself in a career that is at times challenging but always rewarding, and if you are ready to make a significant impact on our community and clients, we warmly invite you to consider joining us. Let's embrace the challenges and opportunities together, creating a future that is strong, vibrant, and filled with empathy, understanding, and collaboration.


With warmth and anticipation,


Tyrone Botelho & Tiffany Hoang

Co-founders - CircleUp Education

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