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Restorative Practices

Inclusive and equitable training, system, policy, and coaching solutions to
create, maintain, and restore 
workplace & school culture.

Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Consulting, Trainings, Workshops, Skill Development, Implementation

What does "Restorative Practices" Mean?

We have carefully crafted definitions of Restorative, Practices and Restorative Practices to help make sense of what we mean when we talk about Restorative Practices and how we contextualize the services we offer.

At CircleUp Education we use the term Restorative Practices to refer to an umbrella term that encompasses both preventative and responsive practices.


Refers to the act of making, bringing, or guiding a person or community toward a thriving state of health, vigor, vitality, or wellness.



Refers to the ongoing application of a set of ideas, beliefs, or principles as opposed to just the theories. It also refers to the repeated exercise in, or performance of, an activity or skill in order to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. 

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices is an umbrella term that refers to approaches, tools, and practices that are exercised repeatedly in order to guide individuals and communities toward a thriving state of vitality and well-being.

What is Restorative?

Restorative Practices Metaphor
"The Damaged/Worn Chair"

​One metaphor that we use in our training and coaching sessions is the damaged chair. Imagine that you bought a chair that was brand new. Over time it got damaged or perhaps an incident occurred that damaged it. Here are some restorative core restorative practices principles that we can understand by using the damaged chair metaphor for conflict prevention and resolution:

  1. Identify what is needed or what tools are needed to repair the chair and make it stronger or “like new”.

  2. Restoring is NOT about returning the chair to what it once was because you cannot return to the past when you first got it.

  3. Restoring is not instantaneous and will not organically happen: It takes INTENTIONAL effort and time.

  4. Restorative is NOT just about fixing the chair, it’s also about preventing future damage from happening in the first place!

  5. Sometimes the chair cannot be repaired using restorative practices and other alternatives must be used ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CHAIR MIGHT HARM OTHERS.

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Restorative Practices


CircleUp For Restorative Practices - Circle Design

An interactive certification course on overcoming technological barriers when guiding restorative circle practices online.

Guiding Discussion Circles

A skill-building training on how to design and facilitate thought-provoking discussion circles online. 

Community Agreement & Values Exploration Meeting

Participants will learn about collaborative decision making, group accountability, and how misinterpretation and assumption of values often leads to conflict in schools

Coming Soon

Guiding Community Agreement Circles

A skill-building training on how to design and facilitate impactful community agreements and values exploration circles online.

Restorative Conversations

A skill-building training to assess conflicts, process incidents, de-escalate charged situations and provide need-based recommendations.

CircleUp for Restorative Justice - Foundations

Participants will learn about collaborative decision making, group accountability, and how misinterpretation and assumption of values often leads to conflict in schools

Coming Soon

Guiding Team Building Circles

A skill-building training on how to design and facilitate fun and engaging team building circles online.

Team Building Meeting

Bring groups together to build trust, deepen relationships with people who are from different social and cultural groups, and strengthen team synergy.  

Coming Soon

CircleUp for Restorative Practice - Foundations

A  skill-building training to learn the fundamental values, beliefs, and principles that define all restorative practices.

Coming Soon


Restorative Infrastructure

Review & Development

Assessing relationships, equity, and conflict resolution systems and providing recommendations to build and enhance effective infrastructure.

Restorative Practitioner


Analyzing the skills and techniques of your existing practitioners to identify areas of growth and enhance skills and techniques.


Discipline in Schools. Why should I bother?

An exploration of Restorative Justice, suspension, and building staff and community “buy-in”

Social-Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices in Schools

A discussion on the intersections of Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices for reducing challenging behavior in schools


Restorative Implementation 
Strategies & Approaches


CircleUp Education has trained THOUSANDS of teachers, parents, administrators, and students in Restorative Implementation Strategies & Approaches.

We have also trained nonprofits, technology companies, municipalities, and universities in restorative practices that prevent and respond to conflict. 


No matter your starting point, we are here to help! 

Maybe coaching is all you need. Perhaps a train-the-trainer approach is best for you. Maybe your team just needs a refresher or refinement course. Or perhaps your team may need some help setting up a whole school or whole org infrastructure, or maybe you need us to lead the way and then transition it to a team of staff we have trained.


Choose an implementation plan that reflects your starting point on your restorative journey.


RISA™ Refreshers

Our Most Requested Plan

This RISA™ services includes Training, Coaching and Problem solving for schools who are either starting a Restorative Justice program or already have one and need some refresher trainings and advanced workshops to take your restorative work to the next level! 

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Our Most Popular Plan

This train-the-trainer implementation model includes deeper school and district assessments and extensive training or staff and key players along with coaching and consulting support on how to create custom and sustainable restorative discipline and climate programs.

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Free 30 Minute Assessment

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Our Most Effective Plan

This RISA™ whole school and whole organization program is thorough, effective, and ends in your organization being able to hold this important work. Our team will create a restorative foundation of trust, respect, and integrity and infuse restorative principals and practices into staff and student climate.

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