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Conflict Resolution

Restorative and equitable strategies to

assess, resolve, and prevent 

workplace & community conflict









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Our trainings are designed to provide you with an interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking learning experiences that look deeply at what restorative principles are how how restorative  practices and  

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Staff Trainings

Colleague Support Conversations

A skill-building training for creating a truly supportive workplace environment using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques.

Incident Assessment


A skill-building training that teaches conflict resolution practitioners how to assess conflicts and help people involved process the incident.

Conflict Communication Styles for Managers

A training that provides managers and supervisors with the tools and strategies to manage people on their team based on their conflict communication styles

Mindful Meetings - Addressing Light-Medium Level Conflicts

A skill-building training for creating a truly supportive workplace environment using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques.

Conflict Communication Styles & Team Dynamics

An empathy-building training to help employees learn effective strategies for working through conflict together.

Solution Circles - Address Complex & High Level Conflicts

A skill-building training for creating a truly supportive workplace environment using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques.


Develop A Workplace Conflict Coach or Team Today

CircleUp Education has trained hundreds of employees, including HR directors, supervisors, and mediators with simple and effective strategies to restoratively and equitably assess and resolve conflicts and the impact they have on other employees. We have the right solutions for you from the development of a single employee, building a team of conflict resolution practitioners, or the development of organization infrastructures to make them work


Choose a service that reflects your needs

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Develop Resolution Team
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Conflict Coach

Our Quick Start Service 

This Resolution service is designed for organizations who have a single person who addresses conflicts and is looking for extensive training and support. Our team will work with your staff person to provide custom training and problem solving strategies

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Inclusion Coach

Our Most Popular Service

This resolution service helps you build a team of conflict resolution practitioners who are trained to address light to medium intensity conflicts. This service also includes support customizing practices for your organization and providing light level infrastructure coaching. 

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Inclusion & Conflict Coach

Our Most Effective Service

Developing your staff in relationship building, inclusion, conflict management, and conflict resolution practices, strategies, and approaches and building infrastructure to effectively utilize them within your organization.

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Conflict Resolutin Consulting
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 Conflict Resolution Consulting 

Looking for some advice and guidance on how to address challenging conflicts in your workplace? This is the perfect service for you!

Check out some of the specific coaching & consulting services we provide below.

Employee and Manager Conflicts

Intentional & Unintentional Workplace Discrimination (Microaggressions)

Consulting & Coaching to address conflicts with individual employees or managers or between an employee and manager.

Consulting & Coaching to address conflicts with individual employees or managers or between an employee and manager.


Issues Addressed

  • Awkward power dynamics that add layers of complexity to conflicts between managers and employees

  • Frustration with conflicts that keep coming back and never seem to be resolved

  • Difficulty with long-running conflicts that have been ignored or never properly addressed

Consulting & Coaching to address conscious and unconscious discrimination between employees or employees and managers.

Issues Addressed

  • Fear and concern about how to confront staff about discrimination

  • Worry about the impact that addressing or not addressing discrimination will have on your team

  • Discomfort with initiating conversations with people who may not realize they are discriminating or who may diminish the impact and severity of their actions

Conflict & Harm Prevention

Consulting & Coaching to prevent conflicts, misunderstandings, and workplace tension.


Issues Addressed

  • Exhaustion with the constant stream of conflicts that do not seem to end

  • Frustrated with the same people getting into the same conflicts and not knowing how to prevent this cycle from happening

  • Desire to build employee-based conflict prevention strategies through skill development

Addressing Complex or Controversial Conflicts

Consulting & Coaching to resolve controversial and complex conflicts without escalating the situation.


Issues Addressed

  • Worried about the delicacy needed to address high stakes conflict and need some support and guidance

  • Concerned the conflict has too many layers of depth and complexity and you need help understanding how to uncover the real details and address the situation

 Department, Team, & Division Conflicts

Consulting & Coaching to address conflicts with workplace teams, members on teams, or progress paralysis due to conflict.

Issues Addressed

  • Confused with different perspectives and stories, not sure how to get started and make sense of the conflict

  • Unsure on how to resolve a conflict within a team or department and need some advice and best practices

Building Conflict Resolution


Consulting & Coaching to develop effective conflict resolution practices that effectively prevent and respond to workplace conflict.

Issues Addressed

  • Concerned that employees are not coming to you with conflicts and want to make sure they have a way to resolve situations

  • Frustrated with a lack of consistency with the conflict resolution processes and want to create a more unified structure

  • Need support with communicating new conflict resolution or conflict prevention strategies to your staff.

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 Conflict Resolution

Facilitation Support

Do you need help addressing a high level or complex conflict?

Our team is here to help!

Conflict Resolution Facilitation

Conflict Resolution Facilitation

Community Town Hall

A moderated conversation between government leaders, community stakeholders, or community members to discuss sensitive issues and process the impact they have on everyone.

Restorative Justice Facilitation - Solution Circles

A Restorative conflict resolution practice, facilitated by our experts, to address complex, high-intensity incidents involving 3 or more stakeholders.

Restorative Justice Facilitation - Incident Assessment Practice

A Restorative conflict resolution assessment process that is led by our experts to assess the root causes, help stakeholders process the impact, and decide on needs-based next steps to address the incident

Restorative Justice Facilitation- Circles To Rebuild Damaged Teams

A Restorative conflict resolution response to address the impact that a conflict has on team dynamics, trust, and interpersonal relationships.

Restorative Justice Facilitation - Mindful Meeting Practice

A Restorative conflict resolution practice, facilitated by our experts, to address medium to high-intensity incidents involving 2-3 stakeholders.

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