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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Learn Effective Strategies To Interrupt 
Implicit Bias, Microaggressions,
Privilege, Inequities, Racism, Cultural Incompetence

Workplace & Community Assessment Services

Workplace Bias & Discrimination Survey

Get confidential direct feedback from your employees about workplace culture, discrimination, racism, and conflict management AND coaching on how to address the most pressing issues.

RISA School Climate Survey - Staff

Engage your staff in a school climate survey to learn more about qualitative and quantitative experiences that they are having to help identify pain points that need to be addressed.

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RISA School Climate Survey - Students

Provide students with a confidential way to express how relationships, bias, and conflict resolution at their school impacts their wellbeing and experience.

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Trainings Services

Diversity Uncovered

Get confidential direct feedback from your employees about workplace culture, discrimination, racism, and conflict management AND coaching on how to address the most pressing issues.

DEI Foundations

Start your DEI journey by identifying needs and discussing barriers that your team has to participate in trainings about biases, racism, or sensitive topics. This is a great starting point if your team is new to this work.

Gender Uncovered

Provide a safe learning experience for your team to learn about Gender, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression terms and concepts including gender pronouns and how to create a gender-inclusive workplace or classroom environment. 

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Conscious Conversations Training

Learn how to interrupt implicit bias and questionable behaviors using intentional conversation tools. The art of "calling-in" versus "calling out"

Specialized DEI

This is a customized training on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, or racism. This service is paired with a service planning and preparation meeting so that a deeper need assessment can take place to allow our team to build the perfect session for you.

Looking For Race & Racism Trainings? 

We have an entire series of trainings that specialized in race and racism including white fragility responses. Click below to explore these services.

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Unravelling Equity

Explore common the difference between equity and equality and how it impacts your people, processes, and services.

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DEI Skill Development

This is a skill development session that develops listening, dialogue, and interruption skills related to racism, implicit bias, or equity. This service is paired with a service planning and preparation meeting to do a deeper assessment to help with customizations.

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Facilitated Meetings, Town Halls, & Focus Groups

DEI Staff Discussion

A facilitated meeting about topics that are important, difficult, or sensitive. These sessions are customize based on the topic and your unique team.

Focus Group Meeting - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A confidential meeting with a subset of your organization to uncover important information that will help you make better organizational decisions.

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Community Town Hall Meeting

A structured community meeting to discuss important, difficult, or sensitive topics with community members and community leaders. These topics are often related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, or are a response to issues that have arisen in the community.


We have services that are tailored to address conflict related to DEI or other workplace topics. Explore these by clicking below:

Service Preparation

An assessment meeting with key stakeholders that allows our team to more deeply understand our organization's needs to allow us to customize your services and provide needs-based recommendations for the next step of your training and consulting journey.

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Consulting Services

DEI Policy & System Review Consulting

Our consultants will provide feedback and support with emails, documents, policies, and content, applying an equity and DEI lense to the process.

DEI Decision Making for Leadership Consulting

Our consultants provide guidance on how leaders can address very difficult or sensitive issues related to DEI, race, or conflicts. This also includes how to lead teams or departments through DEI initiatives.

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Starting A DEI or Anti-racism Committee Consulting

Guidance and support with starting a DEI task force or committee including creating mission statements, recruitment, values, and first steps as a team. 

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion General Consulting

Our consultants will answer questions, provide recommendations, role-play conversations, and provide consulting support for diversity, equity, inclusion, and racism-related needs.

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DEI Conflict Prevention & Resolution Consulting

Our consultants provide support with exploring practices and strategies to prevent conflicts from occurring and tips and tools on how to address them once they occur.

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Maintaining DEI Committees & Initiatives Consulting

Our consultants support existing DEI task forces or committees who need support getting traction with their initiatives or require aid to work better as a team.

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Real Talk About Racism™

Training Series

We developed a special training series to help your team learn about Race & Racism and engage in very important and timely conversations about inequities and oppression. 

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