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1. Choose A Service

Our services are designed to provide you with an interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking learning experience with people who are looking to deepen their understanding of implicit bias, equity, and discrimination. Find a course that is right for you and your team.


Workplace Bias & Discrimination Survey

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Get confidential direct feedback from your employees about workplace culture, discrimination, racism, and conflict management AND coaching on how to address the most pressing issues.


Diversity Uncovered™

An interactive training that provides an introduction to implicit bias, microaggressions and discrimination.

Unravelling Equity™

An introduction to equity, equality, and fairness and how to build equity lens to prevent inequities in the workplace.

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Conscious Conversations™

A skill-building training that teaches an effective tool to interrupt microaggressions in the workplace.

Specialized DEI Training

A highly customized DEI training that reflects the needs and starting points of your team based on results from our Workplace Bias & Discrimination Survey and deeper assessments.

DEI Foundations

A team-building training where staff explore concerns around DEI trainings and collaboratively create training norms.

Journey Through

Racism Awareness

A self-reflection training that identifies your starting place around racism and how to build empathy for others.

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Coaching & Consulting

DEI Policy & Systems Review

Support reviewing and creating HR and organizational policy to address, prevent, and interrupt discrimination and bias in the workplace


Implicit Bias 101

Introduce implicit bias key terms, frameworks, and best practices to understand what implicit biases are and do's and don'ts to interrupting them.

Starting A DEI Initiative

Learn best practices: Tips on the do’s and don’ts, first steps to get a DEI working group, committee, or program up and running in your organization.

Implicit Bias Accountability

Learn how to set up structures to hold employees accountable to unconscious bias and the microaggressions they cause.


Real Talk About Racism™

Training Series

We developed a special training series to help your team learn about Race & Racism and engage in very important and timely conversations about inequities and oppression. 


2. Pick The Right Format

To meet the everchanging needs that your organization is facing, we have added live online and online service delivery options for our most popular training, webinar and coaching services. Choose the training format that is right for you and your colleagues.

Live Online

The Live Online format uses video conferencing platform, like Zoom or Google Meet, to facilitate a customized, live, dynamic online experience for your team.


Live Online Events

The Live Online Events format is for sessions that are open for anyone online to take place in and requires online registration to attend. People all over the world attend these sessions! These sessions are great for individuals and small groups and a wonderful way to connect with people in your field who are on a similar learning journey.

The E-Learning format is for sessions that people register online and take at their own pace completing. This format contains reading, video learning, exams, and projects that end with course certification to advance your professional development. 

Live @ Your Site

The Live @ Your Site format is for sessions that take place at your office or site. Our team comes to YOU to facilitate services that are customized to reflect your organization's needs.


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