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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Learn Effective Strategies To Prevent & Interrupt 
Implicit Bias, Microaggressions,
Privilege, Inequities, Racism, Cultural Incompetence


Your all-encompassing bespoke solution for workplace DEI and culture transformation. Uncover insights to drive positive change today! 

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Kickstart or
Jumpstart your

DEIB Committee or Task Force!

Whether you're looking to start, have just formed, need assistance in forming, or have encountered roadblocks with your DEIB committee ortaskforce, we’re here to help! 

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Where Should My Org Start?!  What are other organizations doing?

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Consider starting here, where most cities, schools, and nonprofits do!

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A Free 30 - Minute Zoom Assessment Meeting





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The FREE ASSESSMENT helps you determine the best services for your staff. Many organizations start with the DREAM Assessment for deeper insights into workplace culture. While it's not required, we highly recommend it

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Our clients typically opt for 1-3 Service Planning Meetings. The first happens before with key stakeholders so we can better tailor your services to your needs and discuss potential opportunities and PREVENT roadblocks 

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Service Planning & Preparation Meetings!

To assess your needs, customize services, and learn more about how to make your employee's experience memorable!

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Learn what Implicit Bias are & how workplace bias may be unintentional but can cause harm and conflict.

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Conscious Conversations™

Develop the "Calling-In" tool to interrupt implicit bias & questionably discriminatory behaviors.

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Develop an Equity Lens that helps staff identify starting points of others to create and implement more Equitable practices & policies.



Competency 2.0™

Explore the 4 Cultural Compentcy 2.0 trainings focused on accessible language, culture and service delivery, learning about culture in an unbias way, and how to consider culture during decision making

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Our clients choose 1 training, 2-3 different trainings, or create a series of trainings that will happen within a year or over multiple years! These 4 trainings above are the ones that MOST clients start with, Diversity Uncovered™ being the most popular!

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Consulting Services

Real Talk About Racism™

Training Series

We developed a special training series to help your team learn about Race & Racism and engage in very important and timely conversations about inequities and oppression. 

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