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Professional Skill Development & Staff Retreats

Learn Effective Strategies To Interrupt 

Implicit Bias, Microaggressions,

Privilege, and Inequities!

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Live Online Trainings

Register for a live online training with people across the nation!

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Register for a live online webinar with people across the nation!

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Call us to plan a custom training or webinar for your team!


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Our Live Online Diversity trainings are designed to provide you with an interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking learning experience with people who are looking to deepen their understanding of implicit bias, equity, and discrimination. Find a course that is right for you, enroll online, and get ready to uncover a new world of self-awareness! We use secure Zoom meetings.

 Upcoming Live Online Trainings 

Custom Trainings and Webinars


Webinars & Trainings

Your organization has unique Professional Development needs. Let our team build the right solution for you! We have lots of training and webinar topics that we can customize to create a special and meaningful experience for your team. We have the ability to blend multiple topics together, explore creative solutions for complex training needs, and can host trainings and webinars with thousands of participants using secure and private Zoom Meetings. 

Custome Trainins Menu

 Customizable Trainings 

Customer service conversations_Web-Small

Customer Service Conversations

A skill-building training to develop listening, assessment, and guidance skills to better assist customers and clients.

workplace expressions_Web-Small.jpg
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Workplace Expressions™

A skill-building training that introduces emotional expression tools and skills to express needs and ask for support.

Clarity Conversations_Web-Small.jpg
Learn More

Clarity Conversations

A skill building training that develops analyzing responses and achieving clarity from the clients and the customers you serve.

Online Trainings

Online Training Courses

Your life is busy and participating in a live online training may not be possible for you. That is why we developed Online Training Courses and Series. These courses include our most popular diversity courses in an easy to follow format that includes videos, quizzes, and certifications. 

Our online training will be complete in May 2020. Check back soon!

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