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Become A Change Maker At
CircleUp Education

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We're CircleUp Education, the Community Builders and Change Makers who are sweeping the country by storm! If you are passionate about addressing workplace implicit bias, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, and using restorative practices as a powerful platform for positive change, you're in the right place! Through our tailored trainings and coaching, we equip organizations to interrupt patterns of discrimination, resolve conflicts, and nurture a supportive environment. And, we empower you to become a Change Maker, too — driving growth in your personal and professional capabilities, charting new paths in leadership and communication, and improving the social climate of your workplace and community.


Are You A Fit?

We seek out the best and brightest to navigate an everchanging, fast-paced, and demanding workplace. Make sure we are right for you.

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Our Story

From the start we strived to set industry standards for excellence in all aspects of what we do, never waivering in quality or experience.


Our Services

As leading experts in DEI & Restorative Practices, we are transforming communities, schools, and workpalces with every service we offer.


Our Workplace

Inspired by tech giants, we strive to provide a modern, employee centered workspace with state-of-the-art technology and diverse spaces to foster growth.

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Are You A Good Fit?
A message from the founders.

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As we seek passionate individuals to join our CircleUp Education family, it is important to us, as co-founders, to present an honest picture of our work environment. While our mission is rewarding and impactful, it does come with challenges that require resilience, empathy, and a wholehearted commitment to our cause...

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You are a GREAT Fit if...

1. You are prepared to tackle complex societal issues such as racism, discrimination, and systemic harm, and can handle the emotional weight of these topics.

2. You have the resilience and empathy necessary to interact with individuals who may harbor deep-seated prejudices or hatred.

3. You thrive in a dynamic, unpredictable work environment and can face each day's unique challenges with a positive outlook

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4. You possess high levels of flexibility and adaptability and can remain strong and focused amid job-related stress and unpredictability.

5. You value personal and professional accountability and are ready to own up to mistakes and use feedback as a stepping stone for continuous improvement.

6. You see yourself as part of a community committed to personal growth, professional development, and collective learning.

7. You find satisfaction in bringing order to chaos and view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

8. You are prepared to participate in a culture that cherishes transparency, growth, and excellence and can approach learning with humility and tenacity.

9. You are committed to deeply caring for our clients, our community, and your colleagues.

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10. You are looking for a challenging yet rewarding 1-2 year (minimum) career commitment, where you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on our community and clients.

What CircleUp Has to Offer YOU!

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Career Advancement

At CircleUp Education, we believe in nurturing talent. Your journey with us isn't just about the job you start with; it's about where you can go next. We pride ourselves on internal promotions and fostering an environment where every role is a stepping stone to your next achievement.


Professional Development

Continuous learning is in our DNA. We invest in your growth, providing tools and training to help you become the best version of your professional self. From workshops to conferences, we're committed to ensuring our team is always at the forefront of educational innovation.


Making Societal Change

Join a team that's more than just a business. At CircleUp Education, you're part of a movement, making tangible impacts in communities and shaping the future of education. Every day, your work contributes to a larger mission, empowering and enlightening the next generation.


Travel Opportunities

Explore, learn, and connect! CircleUp Education offers opportunities to travel, ensuring you experience diverse educational landscapes and cultures firsthand. Whether it's a domestic workshop or an international conference, you'll get a chance to expand your horizons and gain new perspectives.


Amazing Benefits

We care about your well-being. From comprehensive health coverage to work-life balance initiatives, CircleUp ensures you're supported in every aspect of your life. Beyond the basics, we offer unique perks and benefits tailored to the needs and aspirations of our dedicated team.


Competitive Pay & Promotions

We recognize excellence. With CircleUp Education, you'll find not only competitive salaries but clear pathways to promotions, rewarding your dedication and hard work. Our transparent evaluation process ensures that every achievement is recognized, ensuring your career progression is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Check out some of our
Employee Benefits!




401K Matching

Paid Time Off


Flex Spending

Many More!

Our Hiring Process

At CircleUp Education, we value every potential member of our team. Our interview process is designed not just to find the right fit for our organization, but also to give you an opportunity to understand our ethos, passion, and commitment to excellence. Embarking on this journey will provide you with a clear insight into our world and ensure that when you join us, it's a mutual decision based on understanding and clarity. Here are our meticulously crafted four steps:

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1. Initiation & Digital Connection

Apply and Dive into the First Interview: Begin your journey by ensuring your qualifications align with our job description. Our first interaction takes place through a video interview using our state-of-the-art software, Willow. Approach this as you would a face-to-face conversation. Use this platform to shine, highlighting your communication prowess and showcasing your understanding of the role you're vying for.

2. Deep Dive & Real-World Exploration

The In-Person Second Interview: Venture into our space in the SF Bay Area and immerse yourself in the CircleUp Education aura. This is not just an interview; it's a comprehensive experience. Tour our office, dive deeper into role-related queries, and participate in practical activities or simulations that resonate with the role you seek. Plus, benefit from feedback stemming from your initial digital connection.

3. Skill Showcase & Craft Demonstration

Third Interview and Skills Assessment: Now's the time to bridge the gap between what's on paper and what you bring to the table. This phase aims to witness you in action, from your listening acumen to your knack for turning intricate subjects into easily digestible content. We focus on your effort, innovation, and precision. Remember, it's okay to be human; nervousness is natural, but your dedication speaks volumes.

4. Integrity Verification & Mutual Alignment

Reference, Background Checks & The Final Conversation: Our commitment is to the vulnerable groups we serve, which necessitates a thorough check on your references and background. As we validate your past employment and educational credentials, it's vital to maintain transparency. Our final interaction is a culmination of assessing not just your capabilities but diving deep into your core values, aspirations, and vision for your professional journey. 


Embarking on a role at CircleUp Education means being part of a passionate, dedicated team that aspires to make a tangible difference. Every step of our interview process is an invitation to align, contribute, and grow. Are you ready to CircleUp?

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