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Implicit Bias 101


The Implicit Bias 101 Webinar is a quick & powerful way to introduce a large staff to implicit bias, implicit discrimination, (also known as microaggressions), and best practices. This is a great way to start or enhance your organization's DEI journey.


The Implicit Bias 101 Webinar includes:

  • An introduction to implicit discrimination (microaggressions) and implicit bias

  • An assessment of barriers that stop staff from talking about implicit bias in the workplace

  • An introduction to the Axis of Discrimination, a framework that helps staff talk about implicit bias and distinguish them from explicit bias

  • Tips and best practices to continue conversations and interrupt implicit bias

  • Development of common language used to talk about implicit bias


Implementation Details & Timeline

The following is a list of task that is included when you purchase this webinar:

  • Complete contract or PO

    • Our contracts team will work with you to expedite the contract and compliance process so we can start working together as soon as possible

    • We accept POs as well. We have our standard service agreement that we use or we can use your organization's if needed

  • Assign a Training Synergist to support you along your entire journey

    • You will be assigned a training synergist who will be your point person to ensure that the implementation of this webinar happens smoothly. They will reach out to you and make sure that all of your needs are met

    • Time - Automatically happens the moment you reach out to us

  • Conduct a 30-minute industry & needs assessment

    • Our team will conduct a 30-minute assessment to customize the webinar based on your organization's needs. This webinar includes special customizations for municipalities, technology companies, K-12 schools, universities, and medical institutions, and nonprofits

    • Time - 30 minutes

  • Finalize all logistics and create a sign-up process for the webinar

    • Your training synergist will create a simple process for your staff to sign up for the webinar. We use Zoom and recommend it but can also use WebEx if needed

    • Time - 30-40 minutes

  • Facilitate Webinar with customizations

    • Your training synergist will facilitate the webinar and take notes about any needs that may have arisen that need to be reported back to you

    • Time - 1 hour - 2 hours depending on customizations and topics

  • Schedule an evaluation and next steps meeting

    • Your training synergist will provide you with the webinar evaluation results and discuss recommendations and next steps with you

    • Time - 30-minute meeting after the service is delivered

Detail & Timeline

Webinar Logistics

Here, you will find general webinar logistics that may be customized: 

  • We can host small webinars with a minimum of 2 participants and very large webinars with up to 5000+ people

  • Webinars are between 1 and 2 hours long. The recommended length is 90 minutes. this typically includes a combination of lecture and question/answer sessions that are woven throughout the webinar

  • We will send via email any of the follow-up documents that were included or mentioned in the webinar so participants can access them

  • Interactive webinars are available as well and use a hybrid training/webinar structure. Ask your training synergist about this option


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